Friday, June 28, 2013

Life via Instagram

Life as of late through the lens of my iPhone.
A Monday night trip to Molly Moon's, comprised of berry goat froyo with rhubarb and rose compote. 
Juicy strawberries for breakfast: one of my favorite signs of summer.
Because I mean, why wouldn't Bendel's give me a chocolate bar?
Enjoying my favorite flowers and catching up on journaling with my beloved Rifle Paper Co. notebooks.
Ladurée macarons hand-carried home from NYC. So worth it.
Sunny days are perfect for backyard lounging. 
I'm looking forward to doing a lot of this in the next few months.
Homemade salad with spinach, kale, pear, fig, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette enjoyed al fresco. 
Life is good.
"Spain night" featuring tortilla española, gazpacho and a lovely bottle of Rioja wine. 
You know, just trying to get my taste buds ready for my move to Madrid.

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  1. Your "life as of late" looks amazing. Let's trade lives! Love how colorful the pictures are and that tortilla espanola looks so yummy!!!