Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1960s Inspired

Okay, I know I'm a little late to the Mad Men party, but I just finished watching the entire show on Netflix and now I am obsessed. I love everything about this show: the plot, the aesthetic, the character development, and most importantly - the style.

This season, I find myself particularly drawn to all things 1960s inspired. I want to teleport myself onto the set of Mad Men and steal the wardrobes of all the characters. What I would give to have all of those darling pencil skirts, retro shift dresses, vintage full-circle dresses and classic pumps! And the hairstyles, so glam!

The character whose style I envy the most is Betty Draper Francis. Sure, she's the poster mom for bad parenting and Sally Draper will probably grow up to be a Freudian nightmare, but I can't get enough of Mrs. Draper Francis' style. She adds a bit more preppiness to her ensembles than the rest of the Mad Men ladies - a quality that I can surely appreciate. As much as I love to channel my inner Joan Holloway and flaunt curve-hugging red dresses when I hit the town, Betty's look is more easily recreated for daytime looks.

Hat - J.Crew | Top - Ann Taylor | Necklace - Kate Spade
Bracelets - J.Crew | Pants - Gap

I can't get enough of this Mod Dot shirt from Ann Taylor. Yes, I shop at Ann Taylor. I'm turning into my mom and I love it. Judge if you must. I juxtaposed my bold polka dots with some classic pearls, and added in my floppy beach hat for extra 1960s vibes. (I was wearing some cute retro wedges earlier in the day, but then I kicked them off to go frolic in the sand.)

Now all I need is an old fashioned to sip on, and a handsome Don Draper by my side.

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