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That One Time I Met Aiden from "Sex & The City"

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Or should I say, that one time I met John Corbett and immediately tripped and almost fell as soon as I said hello. Which was yesterday. It was really embarrassing. But also kind of awesome.

His first words to me were "Don't fall!", which is kind of a pointless thing to say to someone who is irreversibly clumsy, but I let it slide because I mean, it's John Corbett. Then he put his arm around me and I kind of forgot how to speak English.

I wanted to proclaim, "Aiden! I would never break your heart like Carrie Bradshaw did!" Yet somehow, all I could muster was a breathless, "I'm a big fan!" because I'm awkward and unoriginal.

Next, he told me that he liked my bun. I said, "It's my diva bun! I wear it because it keeps me sassy!" because clearly my subconscious was like, "Yeah, you go Courtney! Flirting is overrated, seduce him with more awkwardness!"

But then he told me that my hair was cute, so now I'm tempted to wear a sock bun every day.

How in the world did I meet my long time "Sex & The City" crush on an average Wednesday at work? I was slaving away at the Barn, folding towels and peddling overpriced linens, when an enthusiastic customer rushed through the doors and proceeded to tell me that Kiehl's was having a charity event with celebrities and their motorcycles. She then showed me a picture of herself and none other than John Corbett. And guess what? He was only going to be there for another half hour before he raced off on his motorcycle to somewhere fabulous and undoubtedly sexy.

I almost chickened out, but lately I've been buying into that whole clichĂ© of "do one thing a day that scares you". I thought to myself, "What scares me more than meeting hot celebrities? Nothing! BOOM." So I asked my manager for a 10 minute break, wandered over to Kiehl's, and tried not to be creepy as I searched for him. And then we met, and now we're like, totally soulmates. Right? ...No? Oh, okay.

His final words to me were "Don't trip again!" Awesome. Nailed it.
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