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Gluten-Free Guides

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in June 2010.

I had just gotten back from studying abroad in Cádiz, Spain, where my symptoms had become even worse than they had been before I left. 

Thanks to southern Spain's abundance of fried food and bread, I was getting sick after every meal and dealing with constant pain.

Although I had gone 11 years thinking it was totally normal to get sick after eating, it took me until Cádiz to realize that this whole ordeal was definitely not normal.

Upon getting tested and receiving my diagnosis, I pretty much thought my life was over. How could I ever give up pancakes, teriyaki and beer?!? 

Then, the real dread kicked in. "What if I can never travel again?" I thought to myself in a panic. "How is it even possible to avoid gluten abroad?"

But as a foodie who lives to travel, I wasn't going to let gluten stop me from tasting my way across the globe. While I may never again devour a buttery croissant in Paris or savor a Guinness in Dublin, I'm still determined to find the best gluten-free food in the cities I visit and share them with my fellow gluten intolerant folk!

As frustrating as it may be while traveling, I'm not going to let Celiac Disease ruin my appetite. So, bear with me as this list of gluten-free travel tips grows!


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  1. Wait. I've been reading your blog this whole time and I never knew you also had CD!!! WHAAT. As if I need more reason to love your blog.