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Eating My Way Through Huertas with Madrid Food Tour

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
I'm a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of all things Madrid, so when I was asked to photograph Madrid Food Tour's newest tour - the Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour - I simply couldn't say no.

Olive tasting inside Mercado de Antón Martín.
Sampling different kinds of jamón at Mercado de Antón Martín. Spain is notorious for their savory cured hams, and the quality of the meat depends on how the pigs were raised and what they were fed.
Indulging on authentic Spanish cheese and wine inside the market. This was my first time tasting wine that is actually from Madrid, and I was pleasantly surprised!

We started our day walking through the literary quarter of Huertas, snacking on typical Spanish treats while we admired the gorgeous architecture and learned about some of Spain's most famous writers. We met shop owners at the local market, feasted upon traditional dishes, and got to know one of Madrid's most historic neighborhoods. Huertas has a very traditional vibe, which made it the perfect area to explore many local eateries. We ventured into places that I would have never discovered on my own!

Tasty cured meat topped off with another authentic Spanish delicacy - olive oil!
A peek inside the kitchen of one of Madrid's best Valencian paella restaurants, Azahar.
Pass the paella, please!
The best paella I've eaten in Madrid. Naturally, I helped myself to two more scoops...

The things we tasted along the way portrayed a very accurate representation of authentic Spanish cuisine. Overall the tour was engaging, informative, and immensely satisfying. Our tour guide Lauren, owner of Madrid Food Tour and blogger behind Spanish Sabores, offered us a wealth of information about the city's rich history and its divine cuisine. I left the tour with a full belly, a better knowledge of my city, and a deeper appreciation for (or should I say, addiction to...) Spanish food.

Tortas de aceite, a typical Spanish breakfast treat. 
Spain is famous for it's thick, decadent hot chocolate - always served alongside warm, doughy churros. Dip your churros into this delicious concoction for a little taste of heaven.
We had "chocolate con porras" at one of Madrid's hidden chocolatería gems. Porras are a larger version of churros, and many people swear that they're even tastier.
Creamy Spanish cheesecake from a local bakery that still utilizes Madrid's oldest communal oven.

The Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour runs on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday starting at 10:30 am. The tour lasts several hours, and includes many more stops than those pictured in this post. I recommend this tour to all foodies and hungry travelers who are curious about Spanish cuisine, both visitors and locals alike! Click here to sign up, or check out the other tours available through Madrid Food Tour!

Have you ever been on a food tour? Did you enjoy your experience?
5 comments on "Eating My Way Through Huertas with Madrid Food Tour"
  1. Your pictures turned out amazing!!! I am now massively craving that paella...

    1. Gracias chica! At first I was really disappointed with them because the lighting was funky in so many of the restaurants - but hopefully it wasn't a total fail! And that paella was seriously magical...

  2. I loved my tour with Lauren several months ago - she really knows her stuff! When I last saw her, she told me that she had upped the ante on the tour - and she was right! Looks like she hits different places now!

  3. Your pictures turned out so beautifully! Loved that day, and now I'm craving the paella again!!

  4. Awesome. Q & I are doing this tour this Saturday! Our first time in Madrid. Can't wait!