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Street Art in Amsterdam

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amsterdam can be classified as unique in many ways, but one of its most distinguishing characteristics is its street art. While I'm not a fan of absentminded graffiti that's created strictly for vandalism's sake, I think the beauty and talent found in real street art is completely underrated. I especially respect the work of artists such as Banksy who address controversial topics in their art, producing images mixed with satire and politics. 

The unusual and polemic street art found in Amsterdam makes the city stand out among others. My favorite street art in Amsterdam is on Spuistraat, right by Dam Square, but other intriguing images can be found scattered throughout the city. I have a newfound appreciation for street art after this trip - so I'll definitely be on the lookout for more this year!
2 comments on "Street Art in Amsterdam"
  1. Gorgeous! I am such a sucker for well-done street art. I didn't notice any when I was in Amsterdam though... guess I have (yet another) reason to go back!

  2. Hey! I love this. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, which I used to think was the “home” of street art. Until I began connecting with bloggers and writers like you and seeing photos of cities all over the world
    with talented exterior wall artisans.
    So any time I see pictures like these, I just smile, as they remind me of home.