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Friday, November 8, 2013
I'm not going to lie you guys, it's been a rough week. But despite being overwhelming and exhausting, it's also been filled with little victories that have kept me afloat. 

Although I've been sick on and off for the past month, this week my mystery sickness escalated. Truth be told, I was avoiding going to the doctor for as long as possible because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to understand them. (Classic conflict-avoider move.) Nevertheless, after visiting them twice this week, I'm thrilled to announce that I understood everything they told me in Spanish. And they understood me! As frustrating as being sick may be, at least I feel consoled by the fact that I can successfully communicate with my doctor in a foreign language.

Something about being sick inevitably induces waves of homesickness. I've spent this past week longing for mom's chicken noodle soup and sincerely missing the creature comforts of home. Despite these pangs of homesickness, I'm trying to focus on all of the things I adore about Madrid. By constantly reminding myself of why I love living here, I've managed to keep my spirits high. So while we're being positive, here are a few of my favorite Instagram shots of life in Madrid thus far:

A gorgeous autumn day in Retiro
My street
Drinking tinto de verano in my favorite plaza, conveniently right next to my apartment
Enjoying a glass of wine atop my favorite rooftop bar in Madrid - Círculo de Bellas Artes
Roomie night! I'm incredibly lucky to live with such encouraging and supportive individuals
Famous huevos rotos from Almendro 13 in La Latina
Exploring the Royal Palace at night
Just your average building in Madrid...
Nighttime view of la Catedral de la Almudena

Another silver lining of this past week: WE FOUND BRUNCH!! Last weekend we ventured to Carmencita Bar - a charming little vintage café that serves delicious American-style brunch. The best part: it's only 2.5 blocks away from my house. And did I mention that they have 1 Euro mimosas?!?!

Since I've been constantly reminding myself of all the reasons I love living in Madrid, I'm getting more and more anxious to recover soon and get back to exploring the city. I don't usually mind having down time when I'm sick, but this week I'm feeling particularly antsy. I guess that means I really do love it here.

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3 comments on "Madrid via Instagram"
  1. aww i'm so sorry you were sick. i took so many vitamins and any time i felt any sickness coming on i would go to bed so early. i was so afraid of getting sick in spain because there was no way i wanted to go to a spanish doctor. i actually did go to a gyno before i left to get an annual before i came back because i knew i wouldn't have insurance here. so if you need an awesome gyno there let me know. she only spoke spanish but she was so nice!

    1. The thing about working with kids is that I am always getting sick! It never stops with those adorable little germ-mongers. I found a decent doctor's office near San Bernardo, and even though they only spoke Spanish it turned out okay. Nevertheless, I still trust my American doctors so much more haha.

  2. hahah probably should have emailed you that. Not exact blog comment appropriate hahah