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Lemon Coconut Sour Recipe

Friday, September 5, 2014

Greetings from Arizona! I'm currently in Phoenix visiting my mom & stepdad, and my vacation thus far has consisted of sipping cocktails in the pool and trying not to melt. I can't complain.

My mom moved to the desert only 9 months ago, but she hasn't wasted any time in creating refreshing cocktail recipes. I've been drinking her signature Lemon Coconut Sours almost every day since I've arrived! This cocktail hack is inspired by the PF Chang's original, minus all of the sugar and extra calories.

This cocktail is the perfect way to extend your summer and avoid the imminent arrival of fall. It's also shockingly easy to make. And it's got coconut water, so it's healthy... right?

Mix together:

Serve over ice and enjoy!

Recipe by the fabulous Linda Hendrickson

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