Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paradise in Puerto de la Cruz

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Jet black sand juxtaposed with icy blue waters. Fog lingering over lush emerald hills. Candy colored buildings illuminated against gray skies. Palm trees dancing in the cool breeze. While Puerto de la Cruz may not follow the traditional definition of "paradise", its unique charms assert it as just that.

Before we headed down to sunny Costa Adeje, our first stop in Tenerife was Puerto de la Cruz. Located on the northern half of the island, Puerto de la Cruz is generally much cooler and more tropical than its southern counterparts. We opted for one night in this colorful town in hopes of exploring the black sand beaches, hearing that it was generally more picturesque and authentic than Tenerife Touristlandia in the south.

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Playa Jardín

The rumors were true, and we quickly learned that Puerto de la Cruz was brimming with character. Of the city's many notable features, I was most impressed by its eye-catching colonial architecture. The town was scattered with a kaleidoscope of vibrant buildings embellished with intricate wooden balconies, adding an invigorating contrast to the gloomy skies above.

Paired with dramatic stretches of volcanic beaches, striking lush scenery and the local cuisine's explosion of fresh flavors, the verdant oasis of Puerto de la Cruz was undoubtedly a feast for the senses.

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We spent our 24 hours in Puerto de la Cruz wandering through the darling streets, shamelessly photographing every picturesque building we passed, frolicking through the black sand and feasting upon a lifetime's worth of papas arrugadas con mojo.

We also serendipitously stumbled upon a local wine festival, where we indulged on a mouthwatering array of Tenerife's best wines. As we enjoyed the live music and stellar views of the coast, we toasted to magical Tenerife (and our extraordinary luck) while we savored each glass.

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When it came time to say hasta luego to our tropical oasis, I was sad to leave behind the quaint island charm of Puerto de la Cruz. Although I desperately needed to defrost in Costa Adeje, I could have easily spent more time soaking up northern Tenerife's natural grandeur and charisma.

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Have you ever been to the Canary Islands?
Where's your favorite tropical escape?


  1. I love the colorful buildings contrasting with the black sand! Plus, you look absolutely adorable :)

  2. Wow, looks so beautiful! I've never seen black sand like that before, and those coloured houses are just beautiful!

  3. So pretty!!!! It’s nice to know there’s more to the Canaries than beach holiday packages :)

  4. I think the volcanic sand is a really fascinating thing! I've never had the chance to see it in real life but I've seen enough photos to make me want to plan my next trip around seeing volcanic sand!

    ~ K

  5. I had never seen a black sand beach either. It was even more stunning in person!

  6. Definitely :) That said, tourists are still abounding - I think I heard more German than Spanish in Puerto de la Cruz. And Costa Adeje was even worse!

  7. It was definitely worth going out of the way for! I only wish it had been warm enough to spend the whole day lounging on those black sand beaches!

  8. The mention of Tenerife reminded me of Ed Sheeran's song, Tenerife Sea :) That black sand is really something.


  9. I love all the colors here despite the overcast weather! And stumbling upon a local wine festival-- is there anything better?!

  10. This place is so cool! I have never been to the Canary Islands but I always wanted to visit, now more than EVER!

  11. Isn't it? I had never seen anything like it!!

  12. Seriously NOTHING better! They even had cheese platers and a small assortment of tapas :) It was absolutely magical.

  13. I can't recommend visiting the Canaries enough! Puerto de la Cruz and the old town of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria were absolutely unforgettable. It was arguably one of the best trips I've ever taken :)

  14. Hi Courtney, I came across your blog a few days ago and love it - even more so now that I read so many good things about my home town, Puerto de la Cruz. It's sometimes hard to feel excitement for this place after so many years, but your fresh perspective really gives a great push! Were you here during the street art festival (did you see some painted murals throughout the city)? I'm bummed I didn't know about your blog before - would have LOVED to share some insider tips. Maybe next time? ;) Kate