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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Say hello to California's newest resident! In case you missed it on Instagram, in May I packed my bags and bid rainy Washington adieu. Since then, I've asked myself every day in awe, "Do I actually live here? Is this real life?"

I never thought any city could excite me as much as Madrid. Los Angeles has effortlessly stolen my heart, and I truly wonder how it took me this long to end up here.


After reaching my breaking point with the weather and feeling irreversibly burnt out on teaching, it was time for a change of climate and careers. I'd been flirting with the idea of moving to LA for years, and it finally seemed like the right time to take the leap.

From there, everything serendipitously fell into place. I stumbled upon my dream job at Daniel Wellington, moved in with my best friend Meghan in downtown Los Angeles, and settled into a life that suits me far better than Seattle ever had.

The Last Bookstore

Aside from nesting in my apartment and adjusting to my new job in social media, I've been making a solid effort to discover the city through my tastebuds, explore new neighborhoods, and soak up enough sun rays to make up for 20+ years of Vitamin D deficiency.

From brunches to beach days, sometimes I still feel like I'm on vacation. Every time I smell the sea breeze on my way to work in Santa Monica, I half expect to be woken up from a dream. While at times it all feels too good to be true, I have to remind myself that it was an tumultuous journey to get here.

Breaking up with Madrid and trying to put down roots in Seattle resulted in one of the toughest years of my life. I had outgrown the Pacific Northwest, and coming back felt like forcing a puzzle piece into a space that didn't quite fit. Combined with seasonal affective disorder and a teaching position that wasn't my passion, I needed to hit a hard reset. Now that I'm in LA, every day is like a breath of fresh air.

Brunch at Bottega Louie

While I feel like the universe conspired to get me here in the most unexpected of ways, I can honestly say that I haven't been this happy since Spain. 

As the chaos of moving has subsided and I'm settling into life as an Angeleno, my intention is to be much more consistent with this blog. Some exciting changes are ahead, so I hope you stick around!

LACMA Lights
Having a La La Land moment at Griffith Observatory

Are there any places in Los Angeles that I need to check out immediately?
Let me know your favorite spots!

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