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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
I got some pretty big news last week... I finally found out where I'll be teaching English in Spain this upcoming year: Galapagar, Madrid!

According to my good friend Wikipedia, "Bullfighting, stock-breeding, meadows and beef are the main features of Galapagar." Oh boy!

Thankfully, Galapagar is only half an hour from the city of Madrid, and considering my profound distaste for small towns, it looks like it will be easy for me to live in the city and just commute to work. I mean, as much as I love channeling my inner Hemingway and learning about bullfighting, I can only handle so many cows and meadows.

So with all that said... does anyone have any helpful tips about life in Madrid?!

The one and only good picture of Galapagar I could find on Google. Makes me wonder...
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