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Take Me Back To: Rome

Monday, June 17, 2013
Lately, I've been feeling a little Romesick. Simply put: Rome is magical. The apricot buildings, the shimmering Trevi Fountain, the delicious red wine, the gorgeous Spanish Steps spilling over with luscious magenta flowers - everything emanates beauty. I felt like I was living in a painting for five days. Italy is so marvelous, I almost felt like I was dreaming. The rustic lavender and tangerine homes are elegantly decorated with picturesque shutters widely opened, letting the warm Italian sunshine effortlessly stream in. The locals bustle across the streets, chatting vivaciously in their eloquent language and enjoying their sweet bowls of heavenly gelato. The ancient ruins rest humbly along the streets, reminding the city of its glorious past and its ambitious future, while lively cafés and gelato shops line every street corner. Everything in life is better Italian.

On our first day in Rome, I told Becca I had three goals: 1) Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, 2) eat gelato at the Trevi Fountain, and 3) meet cute Italian boys at the Trevi Fountain. So we navigated our way to the Trevi Fountain and lounged in the sun's golden rays while indulging on our creamy Nutella flavored gelato. I tossed three coins over my shoulder into the fountain, making three memorable wishes. As we sat on the stone ledge admiring the turquoise water dancing across the elegantly carved sea gods, three gorgeous Italian boys came up to us. We flirtatiously chatted, and they taught us adorable Italian phrases like "Nella botte piccola ci sta il vino buono". It was more of a scene straight out of the Lizzie McGuire Movie than a Roman fairytale, but we had no complaints.

Next we wandered to the Spanish Steps and admired the beautiful rustic Italian buildings, the succulent bougainvillea, and the stunning stairs rising up to the Roman heavens. I climbed to the top and stood in awe of the city, in a state of complete euphoria. Bright colors of crimson, cantaloupe and lilac danced before our eyes while the sweet music of the city entranced us. Looking down upon the city, we contemplated how genuinely wonderful life is. We reflected upon our adventures abroad from the past four months and how blessed we are to have amazing families to come home to. I soaked in each second, etching every detail in my mind so I could cherish it forever. I felt on top of the world on those steps, and I truly was. 

The following nights we discovered charming outdoor restaurants, generously draped in ivy and covered in glistening Christmas lights; sparkling under the full moon and silently singing along to the enchanting accordion players. We window shopped along the upscale shops near the Spanish Steps, and sat in the grass eating black cherry, coconut and rum flavored gelato. We explored the Vatican and gazed up at Michelangelo's stunning work in the Sistine Chapel. We dived into rich Roman history at the Colosseum and Palatine Hill, and relished the ancient ruins at the Roman Forum.

Rome felt like my home away from home. Within my first hour of arriving, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and familiarity. The quaint streets and cafés reminded me of my own home, decorated with chic Italian style and Tuscan countryside charm, along with my mom's delectable homemade Italian meals wafting through the kitchen. Drinking wine in outdoor restaurants decorated with emerald plants and illuminated candles reminded me of my backyard, surrounded by lush gardens and twinkling lights. Embracing my Italian roots in Rome was like indulging on gelato: sweet, flawless and completely euphoric.

2 comments on "Take Me Back To: Rome"
  1. Gorgeous photos!!!! Your blog is so inspiring! I really need to travel more. And that gelato?! Drooooool.

  2. I'm heading to Rome next weekend! Hope my time is as magical as yours!