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Touchdown in London

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Cheerio lovelies! I've finally arrived in London, and thus far it is smashing. I'm pretty knackered from my flight but I'm trying my best to fight this bloody jet lag. (How's my British accent coming along? I just really want to impress the Royal Baby.)

I apologize in advance for not blogging much in the next week or so. I may be a little busy making best friends with Kate, drinking tea and searching for Diagon Alley. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon, and feel free to follow me on Instagram @courtneylikkel as I venture through London & Paris before moving to Madrid. Cheers!

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2 comments on "Touchdown in London"
  1. Haha you are such a witty funny writer!! I'm so excited for your trip and can't wait to see updates on your blog. I really hope you find platfrom 9 and 3/4 ; )


  2. Enjoy London! I definitely think you've mastered the accent! :)