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Un Petit Picnic Parisien

Thursday, September 26, 2013

While I was in Paris, my friend Mila came to visit and we rented the cutest apartment in the 15th arrondissement through Airbnb. On Mila's first day in Paris, it was pouring down rain. (Okay, so, it pretty much rained the whole week, but this day was especially bad.) We spent a good half of our day drenched and spiteful of the Seattle-esque weather. 

As we settled into our apartment, it became increasingly evident that wine was much needed. And since it's Paris, you can't have wine without cheese. And if you're going to buy cheese, you might as well try three different kinds of delicious French cheese. And if you're going to get that much cheese, you should probably also get proscuitto, caprese and sun dried tomatoes...

You see where I'm going here? 

So, we had the most delightful, mouthwatering, perfect little picnic on the charming balcony of our darling French apartment. Living like locals really isn't so bad.

2 comments on "Un Petit Picnic Parisien"
  1. Beautiful pictures and what a lovely little picnic! Let's bring this idea of an indoor picnic (with wine, of course) to Madrid! ...I hear the rain is coming soon!

    1. I love that idea!! Perhaps when the weather gets nicer we can bring a picnic to Retiro :)