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Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In third grade I dressed up as a black cat for Halloween, so as a third grade teacher, I thought it was only appropriate to dress up as a black cat again. (Also, cat ears and a black tail were the cheapest costume I could find. I'm on a teacher's budget, people.)

With my students at school, I'm a lot more open about being a crazy cat lady than I am here on this blog. Nevertheless, my students were less than surprised when I showed up to school channelling my inner Kitty Purry. Although Spain has only recently adopted a diluted version of Halloween, most Spaniards think that all Halloween costumes must be scary and overtly terrifying. Imagine their disappointment when I showed up to school as a precious little kitten while everyone else was dressed as vampires, witches, zombies and pirate ghosts. (It was just like in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan shows up to a Halloween party wearing a horrific zombie bride costume, but everyone else is wearing animal ears... except today was the exact opposite.)

That said, I had so much fun celebrating Halloween like a kid again. It made me want to go trick-or-treating and stuff my face with candy (specifically Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), but sadly nobody does that here. Maybe one day trick-or-treating (and peanut butter) will catch on in Spain, but for now I'm just glad I had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween abroad. 

Have a happy Halloween, everybody!

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