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Txirimiri: The Best Tortilla I've Ever Had

Monday, October 7, 2013

My favorite Spanish dish is and always will be tortilla española.

No, no - I'm not talking about those heavenly rounds of finely ground corn that we use for tacos, enchiladas and other delicious Mexican treats back home in the States. (Spain has yet to recognize the glory of what we call "tortillas" and make them mainstream. Good luck trying to find them in any grocery store.)

I'm talking about the delectable, comforting, and simple yet ever so satisfying Spanish omelette comprised of eggs, potatoes and onions.

I suppose you could call me an amateur connoisseur of tortilla española (also known as tortilla de patatas). I remember taking my first bite of tortilla española on my first night in Cádiz like it was just yesterday; one taste and I was immediately addicted. My host mom may have been a psychopath, but she sure knew how to make a mean tortilla.

Tortillas are naturally gluten free, so imagine my contentment in Cádiz when I would eat something and not get sick afterwards. What a crazy thought! It's no wonder tortilla española quickly became my favorite Spanish dish... it was the only one that didn't make me violently ill. (And also, it's delicious. Enough said.)

For the past three years, my love for tortillas has persisted. Throughout Spain, Argentina and Seattle, I've tried a lot of amazing ones... and unfortunately, I've also tried a lot of horrible ones. (I'm looking at you, ridiculously overpriced tortilla in Plaza Mayor that tasted like plaster. Shame on me for even being tempted by such a tourist trap.) Once in a while, my mom and I will even experiment in the kitchen and attempt to make our own.

But nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, will ever compare to the tortilla española found at Txirimiri.

Located in the barrio of La Latina in Madrid, not a single tourist is to be found in this Basque tapas bar. That's how you know it's really good. Small slices of tortilla española are served as pintxos on top of bread - and although this restaurant is constantly bustling, they still found the time to serve me many tortillas sin pan (without bread).

The tortillas at Txirimiri are melt in your mouth crazy delicious. This is not your average tortilla de patatas, my friends. I'm convinced that the chefs add some sort of magic in these, because the flavors and consistency of their tortillas are out of this world. I can't even.

Yeah, okay, so technically this was after my third slice. What can I say, it's literally impossible to stop at one.

Suffice it to say, this place is heaven. If you live in Madrid or are just planning to visit, a trip to Txirimiri should be at the top of your list. I promise you will not regret it.

Calle del Humilladero, 6
Metro: La Latina, Puerta del Toledo or Tirso de Molina
1 comment on "Txirimiri: The Best Tortilla I've Ever Had"
  1. i still want to try to make tortilla. i know it will be nothing like the good ones in spain but worth a shot