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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Emanating charm and character, Segovia is the quintessential small Spanish town. Only a 30 minute train ride away from Madrid, this picturesque medieval town is the perfect escape from city life. While Segovia is most famous for its historic Roman aqueduct, it also boasts a breathtaking castle and cathedral. Visiting Segovia felt like stepping back into time and living in a fairytale.

While in Segovia, we wandered through the narrow streets and explored the regal Alcázar, where we climbed to the top of the tower and enjoyed majestic views of the city. We also indulged on Segovia's notorious dish of roast suckling pig, also known as cochinillo. (While it was undoubtedly savory, rich and worth the splurge, at times I had a hard time reconciling with the fact that I was literally eating a baby pig on a plate... snout, hooves and all. Poor Babe.) Afterwards we enjoyed several copas in Plaza Mayor, and then sipped on velvety hot chocolate near the emblematic aqueduct.

While Octobers in Spain are nothing quite like those back home, spending this past Sunday discovering a picture-perfect town in the mountains was the best way to spend an autumn day. The few trees sprinkled about town were vibrantly changing colors, a crisp fall breeze was in the air, and the hordes of tourists that usually pollute such towns in the summertime had long since disappeared. Although the sun was beating down on us all afternoon, it was the first time I could actually tell that it is autumn here in Spain. Naturally, I loved every minute of it.

3 comments on "Segovia"
  1. I loved Segovia when I went. The view from the Alcazar is absolutely beautiful! PS. So happy I found your blog! I love reading other travel blogs, and it's especially cool that you're doing the same thing as me in Madrid. Maybe we can meet for a cafe con leche or copa de vino one day? xx

    1. Thank you! And seriously, I love your blog!! We totally should :) I'd love to have a fellow blogging buddy in Madrid!

    2. Sounds wonderful! I'll email you! :)